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Outreach / Evangelism ministry

-Apart from door to door evangelism , we have extended our out reach on the street, prison,  hospital ministry, prison ministry etc to minister the word of God.

-Apart from our local outreaches, we also have international outreaches where we visit various countries to reach out and minister the word of God.

Prison ministry

-We also minister to those in prison. We have a team, which goes to Gaborone Main State Prison to minister to first offenders inmates. For years we Glorify God because we have seen lives being transformed. Apart from the word of God, we also minister in materials, Gospel literatures like they need soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes etc and financial support where it is needed. Why can’t you be part of it by supporting us through your prayers, Gospel literatures (bibles, Christian magazines etc) and financial support?

Hospital ministry

-Another team goes to Princes Marina Hospital. The biggest government hospital in the country on Sundays at 1:00pm to visit and pray for the sick. We praise God because we have seen people being saved on the sick bed, healed and discharged. We have the same needs as in prison ministry.

Care ministry

-As we know the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ was a not only with the word of God but Jesus fed them. So we feed them with food, clothe them, give them blankets e.t.c as the Lord provides. We have a lot of challenges in this area because those starving, without clothes, beddings, etc are more than what we do have. Be part of this by your contribution. Think how many times you have thrown away leftovers, like slice of bread, a piece of meat, rice from that dish, you have clothes, shoes etc that you don’t use. Why not contribute to someone who is going to appreciate and God is going to bless you.

-Care ministry also minister to our visitors on Sundays soon after the service to those that are visiting the church for the very first time.

Men fellowship ministry

-  What a joy to see men meeting Monday’s twice per month at 6:00pm to look into the word of God, how to run the home, take role of a priest in the home, loving their wives, being productive in church, community, work places, business, how to live Holy life as a man. Join the men on this special Mondays.

Women fellowship ministry

- Come and see the women, how they praise and worship God, and they are being blessed. Women meet every forty night on Tuesdays at 5:30pm  and they look at different issues according to the bible, the role of a woman as a wife, as a mother, being productive and becoming a blessing in the community, church etc, being creative in terms of business, how to live a Holy life as a woman and other various issues concerning women / ladies.

Couples fellowship ministry

-It’s exciting to see husband and wife meeting in the presence of God in one venue. We have seen couples growing stronger in their relationships everyday. During these meetings, we talk real issues of Christian marriage, things affecting marriage etc.

Youth ministry

-Our young people from the age of 12yrs to 20yrs are ministered at their level to hunger for Christ. The meetings are every Fridays at 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The church provides transport to pick them and drop them after the meetings to their respective homes. Why not join young people on Friday evenings? What a joy to be in the presence of God and to be on fire for Jesus.

Single Adults Ministry

-Single adults are from the age of 21yrs when some one is getting ready for marriage. The groups within single adults are; those who have never been married before, Single parents which include widows and those who have gone through divorce, lastly those with children but they have never been married. The Lord meet their spiritual, emotional, physical needs in various ways and it’s a joy to see single adults who are determined to keep themselves holy until the right time of marriage and are zealous for Christ.

Children Ministry.

-On Sundays while the main service is going on, the children are released to have their own church in different age groups. We have a place for you and your child.

Powerhouse Ministry

-Our prayer / intercession group is called powerhouse. We meet every Thursday at 6:00 pm to pray and on Sundays at 8:00am for our devotion prayers to pray before our Sunday service starts at 9:00 am. Ezekiel 20:30-31. We have seen prayers being answered and Glory unto God.

Deliverance Ministry

-We meet every Tuesday at 6:00pm to pray for who cant make it to come for counseling, prayers and deliverance during working hours in the  so that they ministered, delivered and restored. Do you have marriage problems, sickness, disappointments, jobless, business failure, evil dreams etc come! Jesus is the answer. Email, phone us, or come for prayers and counseling.

Praise and worship Ministry

- We have live anointed praise and worship  during our services. Come and join us and enjoy the presence of God. Psalm 150:1-6.

Financial Committee Ministry

- This is a ministry responsible for all finances in the church. Its made up of a committee appointed by the church and Its Board to manage the finances of the church and keep the records up date.

-There are also responsible to give financial reports to the whole church

-The financial records or books are open to all members of the church who are give tithes, offerings, etc to view any time they want

Information display centre

-This is the department which display all the information to the church during the service by displaying the electronically computerized on the electronic display board like songs, announcements, sermon outlines while the preacher is preaching etc